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i write for personal enjoyment. i break the rules.  a personal favorite below.

Music is my Savior

I sat there an extra ten minutes. I sat there frozen in a familiar time and space overtaken by the moment. I am not surprised that the music stopped me in my tracks since I have always assigned emotions, places and events their own soundtracks. Music has always been the jumper cable to my memory and the bridge between my heart and soul. It is my teleportation device, my rollercoaster ride, and my ferry to greener pastures somewhere over the rainbow. 

Music is my unending forest of sound and lyric that can engulf and overwhelm, yet at the same time entertain. It unlocks my door to creativity as well as unburies the emotions that I thought were long deceased. Music pushes me to cry during a movie and just as easily get up and express myself on a dance floor. Whether classical or rock, rap or pop, country or alternative, when I close my eyes I feel the sensation of music caressing my bones and reverberating through every muscle. 

Start quote: Music is a mind f*#k and it feels so good. End quote. Me.

Whether one-hundred decibels and drowned out with bass or a bare whisper covered by chatter, music is a reminder of the history of civilization and a snapshot of the progress of tradition. A day without music would be torture. A life without sound would be no life at all. I live for music, I breathe for music, I dream in sound and color. And if I could, my dreams would have their own soundtrack. But then, I would never want to wake up. 

On that note, thank you, thank you music. You are my savior. You inspire and uplift; you push me to my breaking point; you keep my memory neatly organized; and you challenge me to feel every emotion known to man. Without you there is no me and without me there is no you. We have the perfect symbiotic relationship. And I am forever in your debt. 

Simply, Kai